I care about the environment. I would say that is my number one concern at this moment. I turn off the lights when I'm out of the room, I don't use paper or plastic bags when I can, I try to remember to bring a cup for my coffee [I usually forget :-/], I use environmentally friendly supplies.

So, I wanted to point you to a couple different places. First, Treehugger is a great blog that writes about "green" products and services. Some of them are really cool, and I will occasionally surf through the posts. I found Clean Green Bags from them. They are reusable bags, and since I am assuming you will be buying less than 1000, they only come in green. BUT! you can put any logo or design you want. They're less than a dollar [barely], but very affordable.

A couple other links I found while surfing Daily Kos today was this article rating the presidential candidates on the Environment [none of the Republicans passed - Ron Paul came in first with a whooping 30% followed by McCain with 26%, Huckabee [spelled wrong there] and Romney didn't get a score because they haven't discussed it, and Obama beats Clinton 96% to 90%].

And this funny letter from a Clinton converter [would it be that if they converted FROM Clinton?]. It's short. I suggest you read it.

[This is what I am doing instead of homework. But now I have to go read...]