Joe Andrews switches to Obama -- The title "Clinton Destroying Party, Lacks Principle" on the Huffington Post is just asinine. This a very good [albeit a little long] letter about his switch over. Definitely worth a read if you're for Obama or Clinton. There were some things I felt were contradictory, but nothing was incinerating and he balances the line pretty well.

Not to be McGossip, but Barbara Walters had an affair with [then married] Senator Edward Brooke in the 1970's. I did not see that coming at all.

And honestly, most respectable candidates would have stepped down by now, in light of the math, and the "will of the voters" that Clinton likes to talk about. Would she make a better president than McCain? Yes, but that doesn't mean this continuing fight against the numbers for the fact. Even her supporters must see this strain on the system by now. This cynicism of the party. [Clinton May be Hopeful but Obama Rolls On]. She can't win the popular vote, the delegate count, or the number of states. Let's rally together now, please? We're going to be forced to in a few months anyway.