I will changing up the topics and format of this blog because it's getting a little dry. Right now, I would love to share with you my experience with the Sasquatch Music Festival.

Sasquatch Music Festival 2008; Day One; Friday May 24

Dengue Fever. Beirut. Ozomalti. The New Pornographers. [RAINN WILSON.] The Fleet Foxes. MIA. Modest Mouse. REM

at the Gorge Amitheatre in George, Washington
[Quincy, Washington, but George sounds so much better.]
[Yes, it was even more gorgeous in person.]

Getting thereAfter a three and a half hour drive, we set up camp at the campgrounds, which was just a gigantic field with cars and tents set up really close to each other.

Dengue Fever
We were setting up camp when Fleet Foxes played [they were first on the mainstage] and just made our way around the festival; figuring out where all the stages were, where the food was, eating, and other exciting adventures. And we caught a little bit of Dengue Fever, a band from LA that uses Cambodian influences in their music. You can sort of see them in this picture.


When Beirut started, we got up to the floor to watch. We just sat in the back and enjoyed the music, which was amazing. I listened to them before, but watching them play live was jaw-dropping from all the talent of Zach Condon and I found my love for them [instead of just like]. So good.

Eastern European inspired pop-folk treats [last.fm]

OzomatliI have one song from Ozomatli, so we went up to the lawn to watch them. They were really good!

No picture :(

hip-hop, funky, worldly, Spanish rock [last.fm]

The New PornographersSecond time in a year I have seen The New Pornographers, and I was getting food for part of it, but you know, it's okay. Not as good as last time, and then at the end, AC said “Looks like someone famous is next, I don't know who!”

rock power pop [last.fm]

Okay, this was a major surprise. We wondered off for a bit, then when I was walking back to watch The National on the mainstage, I hear “my name is Rainn” from the speakers and was a little confused, so I continued my trek when I got a good look at the stage and noticed it was RAINN WILSON on stage. He announced The National's bus broke down so they won't be playing then, but Fleet Foxes was going to! [win-lose-win!] Then it was Rainn stalling for a bit, talking about foxes and other funny stuff. I was SUPER PSYCHED when I noticed it was Rainn and pretty much ran down to the floor and my friend laughed at me. IT'S ALL GOOD. He was there because they were promoting The Rocker like crazy!

Fleet Foxes
I got some of Fleet Foxes' music about a week or two before the festival on the whim [I didn't know they were playing, but some people were pimping it out]. I really liked it, so it was a big treat to have them play twice and for me to see make the second show! Their guitarist is a cutie, also. They were wonderful.

folk-rock [last.fm]

Best show of the festival, at least it was my favorite was M.I.A. It was in the pit for this and it was just AMAZING. Breathtaking FUN and glee and dancing and gunshots on the speakers and LOTS OF PEOPLE BEING ABLE TO GET ON STAGE and moshing and OMGSUCHAGOODTIME. I wish you guys could have been there with me! I also wish I had tried to have gotten on stage [second biggest disappointment of the festival, you find out about the first in the Saturday post]. I can't describe the amount of awesome that was happening during that show.

global grungy female hip-hop-electronic-dance [last.fm]

Modest Mouse
I will admit to not liking Modest Mouse all that much, even though “Float On” was the anthem of my sophomore year of high school. We also had to leave in the middle of this show [and no re-entry this year – BOO] to put up the rain fly because we forgot and it was starting to rain harder [it kind of rained for a few seconds throughout the day, but it was still really hot and warm most of it].


REMI didn't get to see REM [BIG SAD!] because of the rain and not wanting our stuff to get soaked. :-/ But my friend took some pictures.

taken by Kellen]