We went to Neumo's with no tickets to our name, but we did make it in. And after waiting three hours [late much?], we finally got to go in!

19 June 2008.

Civil Twilight. They were good. My friend and I were discussing what kinds of sex we should have while listening to each of their songs. It works really well. And they're from South Africa.

By the end of Civil Twilight I was second row behind this super super short girl [seriously, less than 4'6"], so awesomeness! And I was stage left [or is it right?] where the lead singer was! So, amazing spot! The singer didn't look at the crowd when he was singing, so that was a little disappointing since I had perfect "look into my eyes" spot, but the music was amazing! And he has a wedding ring, which is amazingly adorable on rock stars. And their accents are just flailable in general. We lucked out.