A Responsible Plan to get out of Iraq.

I've heard the argument before, but I thought Clinton Fatigue Driving Pressure to Quit was an interesting, if not perfect, thought. I don't think it's sexism that's getting Clinton down, at least not with the super delegates.

Obama's polling is up in Pennsylvania, so there is hope!

I thought this article was a little odd, but it's a nice thought. Not sure how true it is, maybe he's just better at playing the game as others.

The War's Expiration Date:
Instead, U.S. military intervention is authorized under the second prong of the 2002 resolution. This authorizes the president to "enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq." This has allowed the Bush administration to satisfy American law by obtaining a series of resolutions authorizing the United States to serve as the head of the multinational force in Iraq.

But here's the rub. The most recent U.N. resolution expires on Dec. 31, and the administration has announced that it will not seek one for 2009. Instead, it is now negotiating a bilateral agreement with the Iraqi government to replace the U.N. mandate.

Watch the Democratic Congress bend over again for the Bush Administration's wants.